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The services we offer to help you study abroad include counselling, application assistance, student visa assistance and employment opportunities while you study.

If you enquire about study opportunities directly with a LOOK counsellor, or we assist you with your application to study, we may also request additional information such as education qualifications, any current and past employment history, areas of study interest, copies of documents as proof of identity – e.g. copies of passport, proof of citizenship or photographs, marital status and how you will fund your studies. We may also request sensitive information about you such as racial or ethnic origin (from information on your country of origin), and/or your health or medical information.


why choose us?
  • Best staff – All staff have come from the Education sector where they were leaders in international student education and recruitment both in New Zealand and around the world. We are so much more than just an Education agent!
  • Head Office is in New Zealand  – enabling us to provide the very best in pastoral care for the full journey
  • The first to know– we have strong relationships with Education Providers and International Student Government agencies – ensuring we are delivering the latest information on courses, employment opportunity trends and important information on New Zealand Education policies. We consider ourselves to be the international student arm of Education Providers in New Zealand
  • Multiple offices worldwide – Working across multiple markets allows us to share information collaboratively and work with many cultures in real time in their local languages 
  • One stop shop – We have added benefits for both Education Providers and International Students in that we offer consultancy and part time (while studying) employment opportunities
Visa application services for New Zealand

We provide free visa application services (apart from immigration New Zealand fee) for New Zealand student visas, guiding you through the application process and helping you prepare the necessary documents for your nominated visa application.

Come on board and see What we can do for you!
  • We are a NZ company registered service available for all international students
  • Contact relevant New Zealand Education Providers or other organisations on your behalf and communicate everything you need to gain acceptance
  • Support and advice! At every corner of your journey and throughout your New Zealand experience
  • Immigration Support access and advice through our professional Immigration Advisors
  • Provide Health Insurance service for your duration of stay in New Zealand ( a requirement in New Zealand) LENZ promotes a policy provided by Southern Cross Travel Insurance. It exceeds all minimum requirements and they provide excellent service and a quick claims reimbursement process. The insurance isn’t free but the service is
  • Facilitate accommodation arrangements (through certain Education Providers)
  • Find sports teams or particular interest groups and hobbies to help you feel at ease
  • Respond to your query and/or direct your query when you contact the LENZ 24/7 emergency helpline
  • Refer to guardianship services
  • “New Student Package” (as below)

LENZ understands in order to settle comfortably in New Zealand, you may require additional support. That’s why we developed the “New Student Package” which is delivered in a three part service so you can focus on the more important things, like making new friends and your study, when you first arrive.

Part 1:

  • Airport pick-up and delivery to your accommodation
  • An Introduction and Welcome booklet to living in New Zealand

Part 2:

  • Tour of your Education Provider
  • Bank account set-up assistance
  • IRD registration to be able to work

Part 3:

  • Three part time work interview/introductions in your chosen city during                                                                                                                                   the first year of study or until successful ( A free service for all LENZ students)
FIND OUT what education type suits best
private Training establishments(privately owned)

studying at a private training establishment in New ZealanD

  • Vocational means ‘work related’
  • If you are doing vocational you are learning the skills that will help you get and do a job
  • Vocational is not an easier route than other types of education 
  • It provides you with practical skills and the knowledge to understand how to use these skills
  • NZ’s vocational sector is one of the best in the world!
  • Vocational providers are usually specialists in a chosen area not speak thinly across too many different courses
  • Paid internships are common
  • Play an important role in New Zealand for bridging the gap between study and employment by putting qualified students into the workforce
  • Better employment opportunities and support
  • Strong industry networks 

  • Sometimes up to half the price of the same course at University
  • Many of New Zealand’s vocational colleges rank highly in their field globally
  • Must abide to New Zealand government standards and are raked into four categories (Category 1 being the highest)
  • Most Vocational providers will have University pathway options or courses that allow you to work in New Zealand after graduating
  • Quick to change and focus on product development

Smaller classes – Not just another number in a large lecture theatre


studying at school in New Zealand

  • State schools. Schools owned and funded by the government. Follow the New Zealand school system
  • State integrated schools (schools with a special character). This means they may be run by a particular religious faith, eg Catholic, or use specialist education methods, like Steiner or Montessori. Follow the New Zealand school system
  • Private schools. Schools that charge set fees for a term or year. Follow the New Zealand school system by sometimes teach international qualifications like IB or the Cambridge School System. Are usually more expensive than state schools – Around $20,000 per year

The Ministry of Education’s Education Counts website has useful data about schools, including the number of pupils, attendance records, and how the students are performing against National Standards or qualifications.

Schooling is compulsory in New Zealand from age six to 16.  

The Education Review Office (ERO) website has a link to each school’s performance report. ERO is the government office that assesses the performance of schools. It assesses every school in New Zealand at least once every three years and publishes its reports online.

The government uses a calculation to decide how much funding a school needs. It reflects the percentage of the school’s students that live in low socio-economic or poorer communities. Lower decile schools have more students living in poorer communities.

The decile rating is a reflection of the community the school serves, not a measure of the school’s quality

Decile Ratings 


NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement)


  • The official secondary school qualification in New Zealand.
  • 3 levels in the three final years of high school (year 11-13)


  • To pass each level, students must gain certain credits at that level or above using a four-grade scale: Not Achieved (N), Achieved (A), Merit (M) and Excellence (E).

University Entrance

  • Students can gain University Entrance if they successfully pass NCEA Level 3
  • Gaining 14 credits in each of three Approved Subjects
  • Achieving Literacy and Numeracy criterias
Institutes of technology and polytechnics (Government owned)

studying at a institute of technology or polytechnic in New Zealand

  • There are 16 ITPs throughout New Zealand, with over 157,000 students gaining qualifications in all kinds of industries
  • ITPs teach in facilities that mirror real-world situations and workplaces
  • ITPs provide high-quality qualifications and training focused on practical skills and hands-on experience
  • All ITP qualifications, from certificate to post-graduate level, are focused on specific job outcomes. It’s all about helping you further your career, and be more employable
  • New Zealand ITP qualifications are recognised internationally, giving you the widest possible job market
  • ITP programmes can include internships, work placements and industry projects. It’s another way to help you gain experience and become job-ready
  • New Zealand’s ITPs and universities are public institutions. To get funding and support they have to meet standards of excellence from the government
  • ITPs offer courses for all levels of study, from foundation certificates to undergraduate degrees, postgraduate programmes and masters degrees

studying at university in New zealand

  • New Zealand is home to eight universities of the highest quality. All are ranked in the top 3% (500) universities in the world
  • New Zealand’s universities are also highly ranked by subject. They are ranked within the top 50 universities in the world in 22 different subjects, and in the top 100 in 39 (out of a possible 46) subjects.
  • New Zealand graduates enjoy some of the best graduate outcomes in the world – with high completion and employment rates, and low rates of under-employment.
  • New Zealand universities have a robust and multi-layered quality assurance system, which ensures programmes, teaching and learning are of a very high standard
  • The strong reputation of New Zealand universities is the key reason why 93% of our international university students chose to study in NZ
  • Seven of our universities are comprehensive universities, offering a broad range of subjects including arts, sciences, commerce, engineering, and health sciences. Lincoln University is a specialist land-based university
University          2017 Students  
University of Auckland                33,366
Auckland University of Technology (AUT)                19,716
University of  Waikato                  9,892
Massey University                18,653 
Victoria University of Wellington                17,456
University of Canterbury                13,089
Lincoln University                  2,695
University of Otago                18,457
Total             131,770
english schools

studying at a english school in New zealand

  • Meet English New Zealand Standards for academic and management criteria
  • Meet government regulations for accreditation and pastoral care

Offer a diverse nationality mix so you can make friends from a lot of different countries

Employ highly qualified and experienced teachers

  • Provide quality facilities and resources
  • Offer courses including beginner to advanced levels, internationally recognised exams and academic preparation programmes
  • Offer advice and help you with accommodation, weekend excursions and after school activities
featured education provider

Ardmore flying school - get ready for take off!

Ardmore Flying School has been training pilots since 1961 and is recognised internationally as a quality facility, providing consistently high standards in all aspects of flight training.Ardmore Flying School is our number 1 pick for flying in New Zealand and here’s why:

International airlines are now appreciating that students who embark on “low cost/low quality” training are unsuitable for the job without comprehensive retraining. The New Zealand training system is recognised for its high quality and comprehensive syllabus. That’s why more and more international airline customers are choosing New Zealand and Ardmore Flying School

Our training programmes will meet the price test. Compare our programmes line-for-line with your cheapest quote, we will show you the difference

Learn within one of the worlds oldest and most respected flight training industries.

The New Zealand flight training industry started in 1915 with the onset of the First World War, so the industry here is well established with protocols and standards forged over many, many years of practice. Ardmore Flying School is NZ’s largest privately owned flight school, operational since 1961 & under the same ownership since 1978. The management team alone at Ardmore Flying School has combined industry experience of 176 years in aviation training, including airline, helicopter, military, GA instructional & “warbirds” experience.

New Zealand is renowned for its beauty and diversity. Within a very short distance, you can experience the beauty of the surrounding oceans, native forests, rolling hills, mountains and magnificent beaches. The range of climatic conditions also challenge your skills. Airlines now recognise the risks of employing “fair weather” pilots, those graduates who are only used to flying over flat ground on a cloudless day. By training in NZ with Ardmore Flying School, you will become a more skilled and competent pilot better qualified to cope with all the meteorological and geographical challenges you will face in your aviation career.

Ardmore Flying School, like all NZ education providers, is required by New Zealand law to ensure all student funds paid in advance are locked away in a Public Trust or lawyers trust account. This means if an NZ flight training provider encounters financial difficulty or you cease training for any reason, your funds are safe and there is no risk of losing your fees paid in advance. This programme is uniquely New Zealand.

Easily transfer your qualifications to your home country.

When you obtain a New Zealand aviation qualification, you can be assured that your training will be recognised by your home regulator and air transport operators. Your NZ training will position you as a respected professional pilot, as the international aviation industry puts real value on the New Zealand license/qualifications.

For suitably qualified graduates, Ardmore Flying School has an internship programme, designed to give graduates their first start in their aviation career. We employ all our future instructors from our internship programme. International students who graduate with our Diploma in Aviation (Flight Instruction) are eligible to apply for an “Open Work Visa”, which will allow them to potentially start a career with us. But be warned, our standards are high, only top performers will be considered.

While we can’t stress enough the importance on being focused in your studies, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy everything that New Zealand has to offer. Based in Auckland (NZ’s largest city), Ardmore Flying School is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and beaches, with opportunities for students to take in some of our natural attractions and activities. You will also fly over some of the worlds most beautiful terrain.

All our equipment is kept up to date and relevant, and maintained to the very highest standards. We operate a large fleet, so aircraft availability is never an issue. We also maintain a low instructor/student ratio so that you get the very best personal attention during your training.

But make no mistake, whilst we provide all the latest facilities and equipment, you are still required to do the hard work required to achieve your aviation ambition. Only you can do this.

Ardmore Flying School allows you to put the “finishing touches” on your CV by providing all the advanced training you require to be “employment ready”. By completing our advanced courses, you will be better equipped to demonstrate a higher level of competency with any potential employer.

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