Look Education in INDIA

Look Education in India assists individuals to study abroad in New Zealand, find part time work while studying and create, develop and maintain institutional relationships between education providers in India and its preferred Education Providers in New Zealand. 

Look Education in India is part of the global education brand LENZ. 

Introduction- Paras Anand

I have many of years of work experience in the education sector working for various companies in the field of sales and marketing. 

I don’t feel myself as an agent, but rather a student support councillor helping young Indians achieve their dreams of studying abroad. 

I am focused on the Indian Market and based in New Delhi.

about the LENZ Group

Look Education New Zealand (LENZ) specialises in consultancy for Education Providers, international student recruitment to our preferred Education Providers, and offers employment opportunities to international students while studying in New Zealand.

LENZ may be a relatively new company but we’ve been excelling in the industry for a long time! Created in February 2019 by leaders in international student education and recruitment both in New Zealand and around the world, we want to create a place where the best people in international education can come together to support the sector with integrity and purpose.

Our team consists of people who have worked at the very top of education and international student recruitment, and who have been responsible for playing key roles in the success of thousands of international students’ careers. We don’t fly blind promoting overseas Education Providers; rather, we have meaningful relationships with staff that work at these institutions and support them just as much as they support us. We are here to LOOK after you every step of the way!

LENZ works collaboratively everyday with communities and people from all around the globe with its reach of contacts and experience, bringing our distinctly Kiwi brand of integrity and trust.

LENZ is passionate about partnering with Education Providers to shape and support their international growth strategies. We are also passionate about representing and selling them to the world.