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Focus areas for international student consultancy – How can we best help you?


  • Effective Code of Practice understanding and implementation
  • Documentation design and implementation – Auditing Code of Practice, Sales manuals
  • Conduct a 2 day Code of Practice audit – review the suggestions and implement strategies for your next EER to help move to/ or maintain category 1 status for International students

International Student Marketing

  • Collateral, EDM strategies, online Agent services porthole, in market events/promotions tailored for the right product and international market
  • Is it accessible?  Right languages?
  • Understanding your product – Key USPs and getting the message right

Enquiry Management

  • A look into effective enquiry management. From quick turn around times, weekly numbers, trends, comparisons, effective CRMs and ultimately improving your international student conversions levels. Outsourcing ideas?
  • Lost students that enquired – a look into why they took the time to enrol but never made it to day 1

International Sales Growth and Self Assessment

  • Look at potential barriers to successful recruitment?
  • Products and Location(multi campus locations) analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Specific country analysis  – determine market needs and whether you are equipped to deliver on these
  • Onshore student feeder strategies
  • Student retention (staircasing) analysis and strategies. Are you losing students from under your nose?
  • Conversion tactics, scholarships or market incentives. A look at what could work
  • Agents and Institutional tie ups worldwide are they working the way you want them to?
  • Twinning models

Effective Reporting

  • Sales reporting tactics
  • Pipeline reporting
  • Forecasting techniques
  • Sales team tactics – culture, sales and product training

Other Key Areas

  • Effective Product development – what is the latest market trends?
  • Key lessons learnt over the years and management plans that could be helpful and save you money
  • What makes an effective Vocational College – to achieve high EBITA
  • Effective employment of students – strategies that were implemented including yearly nationwide student Job Fairs. The difference between these and Employment expos and why they worked
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